V-belt Groove wheel With top Motor Stand

This machine is a 8" Taj type Machine fitted with a 32" V-belt Groove wheel and a safety cover for the wheel. The machine also has an adjustable Motor Stand on top of it. The motor can be adjusted on the stand for required tension in the belt. This type of Motor stand is suitable where there are space constraints.

Competitive Advantage of the Product:

Oldest and the most reputed brand LANDRA Reg. No. 125062 and ASLI AMIN CHAND & SONS Reg. No. 138979 Since 1918.

  • 1. Specialized Design.
  • 2. Uses V-belts.
  • 3. Top of the class Raw material used.
  • 4. Hand Cum Power Driven for uninterrupted usage.
  • 5. Long Life.
  • 6. Maintenance Free.