8" (Bush Type) Hand Driven

chaff machine

Unlike other machines this machine does not come with standard 6205 & 6206 bearings, instead this head has cast iron bushes in which the main shaft revolves. This machine is 2kgs lighter and best suited for hand driven purposes. It can be coupled with any size of wheel and can also be power driven. In this picture the machine is shown with a 4Ft wheel which makes it easier to crank it with the hand. This 4ft wheel is only hand driven.

Following are the details of the machine :

  • 1. Two Roller 8" Head 36 Kg (Tan Type) with Bushes.
  • 2. 2.5" Stand.
  • 3. Cutting Wheel 25kgs. 48" Wheel in Photo.
  • 4. 30" Feeding trough (Parnala) G.I Sheet LANDRA BRAND.
  • 5. 20" Wooden Handle.
  • 6. Spanners with all sizes used in the machine 2 Nos.
  • 7. All nut bolts.

Following are the attributes of the machine:

Oldest and the most reputed brand LANDRA Reg. No. 125062 and ASLI AMIN CHAND & SONS Reg. No. 138979 Since 1918.
  • 1. Hand as well as Power Driven
  • 2. Optimum output for 3-4 cattle.
  • 3. Requires only 2HP motor.
  • 4. Maintenance free.
  • 5. Spares easily available.
  • 6. Easily Repairable.
Quality Process Certifications: Certified on ISI Standards by CCS Agricultural University Hisar & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
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