3 Roller Power Driven

grass chaff cutter machine

One of our most reputed products the 3 Roller Power driven machine is a hot product for big Dairy and Farm Owners. Machines are manufactured from high quality raw material which ensures high durability and Long life. The machine is approx. 160 Kgs with a 67 Kgs head. The machine has a heavy stand, a two blade cutting wheel and a Pulley. A pillow block with 6306 no. bearing is used between the wheel and the pulley for improved life.

Following are the details of the machine :

  • 1. Three Roller 9" Head 67 Kg with Oil Cover (Taj Type).
  • 2. 2.5" Frame Stand 35 Kgs.
  • 3. Pulley 22 Kgs.
  • 4. Cutting Wheel 23kgs.
  • 5. Pillow Block with 6306 No. Bearing.
  • 6. 30" Feeding trough (Parnala) G.I Sheet LANDRA BRAND.
  • 7. Spanners with all sizes used in the machine 2 Nos.
  • 8. All nut bolts.
  • 9. Grease Cups.

Main features:

Oldest and the most reputed brand LANDRA Reg. No. 125062 and ASLI AMIN CHAND & SONS Reg. No. 138979 Since 1918.
  • 1. Power Driven Machine with 3 Rollers with heavy stand for Dairy owners.
  • 2. Chaff size adjustable through gears with different ratios.
  • 3. Heavy and sturdy Machine for Extra life.
  • 4. Pre-Assembled Machine for easy fitting.
  • 5. High Output.
Quality Process Certifications: Certified on ISI Standards by CCS Agricultural University Hisar & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
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